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タイムアウト東京マガジン第22号/Time Out Tokyo Magazine NO.22

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Due to the holiday period from 27 April to 6 May, delivery for orders received after 27 April will be from 7 May. 4/26以降のご注文は5/7発送となります。何卒ご了承くださいますようお願い申し上げます。 Art direction: Steve Nakamura Delivered within Japan only. Click here for overseas delivery → https://time-out-tokyo.myshopify.com/ From the courtly refinement of Kyoto to the street smart vibes of Osaka and the tropical flavour of Okinawa, Japan is an amazingly diverse country, with 47 prefectures having their own unique customs, culture and cuisine. Oh yes, the amazing regional cuisines, which keep travellers salivating on every step of a Japanese journey, from the seafood mecca of Hokkaido in the cold north to Fukuoka, the birthplace of the globally famed tonkatsu ramen in the southern Kyushu prefecture. The good news is that you can easily experience the best of regional Japan right here in Tokyo. Just think of our city as a Japan taster…

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